Composite Decking

About Composite Decking

Composite decking is an alternative to timber decking that is made of 60% timber. This allows you to achieve a beautifully natural wood effect with serious durability that can withstand a million garden parties and even the sharpest of stilettos.

It’s also splinter-free and slip-free, making it ideal for pets and young children who have a tendency to ignore the warnings of parents and run around barefooted.

What’s more, our decking doesn’t require any maintenance once it has been fitted. No staining, no painting and no sealing – which means you can sit back and relax whilst your neighbours dig out their brushes every couple of years to re-do their decks.




Technical Information

Our concealed joining system makes installing our balustrades and railings both quick and easy. The result? A flawless finish with no unsightly bolts, and a very happy customer.

This product also comes with a selection of joint styles, capping and finishing solutions.

We understand the importance of time and keeping your project moving. That’s why we aim to have your order delivered to your site within 48 hours.

Our composite decking is made of 60% timber, which we source exclusively from timber mills where we can assure that it hasn’t been stained or mishandled. We are also a Green Product compliant company, which means we not only recycle the wood from our products, but also use recycled polymer.

DDA Ramps

We want everybody to be able to enjoy our composite decking products – and that means everybody. That’s why we offer ramps that meet legal accessibility requirements for those with physical disabilities.

Our ramps are ideal for both businesses and individuals looking for access solutions that are safe, durable and low-maintenance.

These ramps have a minimum 1:12 gradient whenever possible and are slip-proof as per the Government’s implementation of Part 111 of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995.

Ramps can be customised and adapted to you or your client’s needs – just let us know and our craftsmen will work their magic.

Quick and simple to build

Our super quick jointing system allows for a fast and easy installation that means less fuss and a great invisible fixings finish.

Tough and Durable

No matter if you are just relaxing, throwing a party, playing with the kids or your pets, our decking will take what you throwe at it.

Anti-Slip Surface

Our unique decking board finish adds to our slip resistant properties (suitable for wheelchairs and scooters)

Mould Resistant

our decking boards are mould and algae resistant, keeping them safe and good looking for years to come.

Low maintenance

Never ever get those paintbrushes out again as our decking needs no painting, staining or sealing and is UV stable.

DDA Compliant

We excel when it comes to access, all our products and ramps will always comform to strict DDA standards.


There are few things more inconvenient (or painful!) than running your hand along a wooden railing and getting a splinter.

But you can rest assured that with our composite decking balustrades and railings, the chances of you ever getting a splinter are practically non-existent, due to a combination of the materials used and the manufacturing process. So feel free to lean, slide and rest all you like because these balustrades are completely splinter-proof.

Our wood fences and railings add that perfect finishing touch to your decking area or steps, to keep your caravan or garden looking stylish and homely.

They are also ideal for caravans and leisure parks where lots of socializing takes place, as they are durable and resilient. They also work great near water, such as in marinas or pool areas, as they are water-resistant.




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